This Hamburger is actually a Cake. A cake that I made. My sister wants me to make her wedding cake, so she sent me off to a cake decorating course, and everyone got to learn how to make their own hamburger cake. :D The buns and the burger paddy are vanilla cake covered in fondant, then painted with food colouring. The veggies, cheese, as well as the fries are made of coloured white molding chocolate. The white stuff is frosting, but it looks kind of like horseradish?? :I

I learned a lot of neat tricks and techniques and cake know-how, but the things I can definitely share with you right now are:

  • Fondant is what I expected Play-Doh to taste like when I was a child
  • Home Made fondant tastes better than premade fondant
  • Swiss Meringue Frosting is good but sadly I still like Betty Crocker
  • Molding chocolate is way too delicious for it’s own good. ;_;

EDIT: Also, my teacher was the much talented Rose Sen of Sen Cakes. You can check out her blog here! :3

    [Posted February 14th, 2012 at 9:30 PM]
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